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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Wow, a term completed already! We have been having so much fun in Year 4 we can't believe how quickly the Autumn term has gone. However, we hope you are all recharged and ready for an exciting and interesting Spring term with a brand new topic and many other great learning opportunities planned for the children. 


As before, this page will include the latest homework with dates that it is due in, pictures of your children engaging within different curriculum activities and key information related to Year 4 e.g. trips, things to bring in for lessons etc. 


Enjoy looking through our Year group page,

The Year 4 team :) 



Homework due in on Wednesday 28th February (Spelling test on Friday 2nd March)

Clive Pig Storyteller!

Clive Pig Storyteller! 1
Clive Pig Storyteller! 2
Clive Pig Storyteller! 3
Clive Pig Storyteller! 4
Clive Pig Storyteller! 5

Sparkling Starter - Smashing Saxons and the Vicious Vikings