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Maths Information Evening with Jo Cronin, Mathstopia
November 15th, 16th and 17th 2017

During the summer term of last year, the Burnham and Highbridge Learning Partnership submitted a bid to Somerset County Council for funding to enable us to move forward with a Maths project that would benefit the children and their families. The aim of this project was to enable us to ‘move together to succeed in Maths’. We believe in building a solid foundation where children, their families and their schools can work together positively and proactively to improve outcomes in Maths.


We are pleased to inform you that our bid was successful and as a result we were able to provide some workshops and training for the parents and carers of our schools led by our independent maths advisor, Jo Cronin. An outline of the workshop delivered is provided below:


Research has shown that parental involvement has a significant impact on a child’s development of number skills. Sadly many adults feel anxious when talking about the topic of mathematics and lack confidence.

In this workshop Jo Cronin outlined the key areas of Maths that parents can help support their children in to enable them become confident mathematicians and enjoy playing around with numbers without fear! In particular Jo focussed on strategies to support children to become fluent mathematicians who are happy to explain their thinking which will enable them to become confident problem solvers.

The meetings were held at the King Alfred School on three separate occasions with different start times to allow as much flexibility as possible for all parents and carers attending. The general feedback from these sessions was wholly positive with many requests for further sessions to be delivered by the local schools.