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School uniform

We expect children to dress in an appropriate manner for school and we ask parents to assist us in maintaining standards in this aspect of school life. Please note that shoes should avoid extremes of fashion - trainers, boots or high heels are not considered suitable footwear for school and you may be contacted about them.

Ties, coloured House T-Shirts and St Andrew's School sweatshirts/cardigans are available from the school office at the following prices:

  • School sweatshirts age 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 years     £10.00
  • School sweatshirt larger sizes                              £11.00
  • School cardigans  7/8, 9/10, 11/12 years             £10.00
  • School house T-shirts                                           £4.00
  • School clip on tie                                                   £3.00                                             

School uniform expectations:

  • St Andrew's sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White blouse or Shirt
  • Black, navy blue or dark grey skirt
  • Black, navy blue or dark grey trousers
  • School tie (optional)
  • Summer dress (blue/white check- optional)
  • Black shoes
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PE kit expectations: 

  • Navy blue, black or white shorts
  • School T-shirt in house colour
  • Black daps or trainers


If for any reason your child cannot wear an item of school uniform e.g. shoes, please send a note in explaining why to the class teacher. Finally, necklaces, bracelets, rings, make-up and nail varnish should not be worn in school. The exception is where a child has pierced ears, in which case stud-type earrings should be worn in school.

School Dinners


Meals are supplied by BAM FM.  The company currently provides meals for around 2700 children in the county and 14000 countywide each day.


The school meals are freshly prepared daily and cooked in the BAM FM production kitchen in Taunton.  BAM FM uses local suppliers to source all of its food.  If is then finished off in our on-site kitchen and served to students at lunchtime, as well as being delivered to other local schools.


If you are interested in ordering meals, please contact the school office.  Please see below for up-to-date menus.

BAM FM meal choices 18.9.17, 25.9.17, 2.10.17, 9.10.17


At St Andrew's Junior School we take E-safety very seriously. We recognise that the internet opens up a wealth of learning opportunities for children and that is an enormous resource for all. At the same time we are aware of the danger the internet poses to our children. During their time at St Andrew's children receive lessons on E-Safety as an integral part of their ICT and PSHE curriculum. At home we encourage parents to take care to protect their home computers and those who use them. It is also important to realise the ever increasing multimedia platforms from which the internet can be accessed such as mobile phones and games consoles.

Please read our letter with advice regarding children using Facebook:

Below are some links to provide you with information to help you protect your children online: