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We are excited about the year ahead and getting to know your children. The aim of the next few weeks is to settle the children into the new routines and to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their new surroundings. We believe that if children are happy, they will be able to achieve their full potential. We hope the following information helps both you and your child. School newsletters will also be a source of information, so look out for these in your child’s bag.


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Glossary for the programmes of study for English

In year 3 we have started the topic of Romans. We introduced the topic by serving up pickled peacock brains and fried dormouse, washed down with a glass of wine (well that's what we told the children). Many children tried it despite having this information and then sat down to a relaxing game with their friends, just as the Romans did.smiley
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