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All of our pupils belong to one of our houses. Our house names originate from local inspirational people. They have also been linked with our core values: Blackwell (Perseverance); Foley (Hope); MacMillan (Love) and Reed (Respect).See below for more details on these amazing people:

We are delighted to unveil our blue plaque to George Reed, the founder of our school and great benefactor to Burnham-on-Sea on the 150th anniversary of his death.

A group of children represented St Andrew's at the Holocaust Day commemorations, which took place at the Frank Foley statue in Highbridge. We remembered those who perished in the holocaust and acknowledged the bravery and compassion of Frank Foley.

Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) was a doctor, born in Bristol. In a time when it was unusual for women to go to university and get degrees, she became the first woman to receive a medical degree. Much of her life was spent persuading and educating women that it was possible for them to gain qualifications and get jobs like a doctor, setting up a school for women doctors in London.

Frank Foley (1884-1958) was born in Highbridge. He worked as a passport control officer in Germany in the 1930s and, upon seeing the treatment of Jewish people by the German government, he saved thousands of Jews by allowing them to escape. His statue is in Highbridge.

Douglas MacMillan (1884-1969) founded the MacMillan Cancer Charity. He was born in Somerset and went to school nearby. When his father died from cancer he wanted to raise money to care for people who were suffering.


George Reed (1805-69) was the founder of our school. He was a successful businessman who made his money from helping to develop the railway in Burnham and, with his money, he donated to many local charities, including the formation of a new school (St Andrew’s)