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St Andrew's Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Leadership Team

Mr K Mansell Interim Headteacher, DSL
Mrs C Collett Deputy Headteacher
Mrs T Thomson Assistant Headteacher SENDCo

Year 3 Team

Mrs S Denyer     Class Teacher
Mr L Higgins     Class Teacher
Mr M Kendrick     Class Teacher
Mrs S Laws    Class Teacher
Miss J Barber    Intervention Teacher
Mrs M Bettany    Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Haines    Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Woolley Teaching Assistant
Miss N Wray Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Tucker HLTA

Year 4 Team

Miss H Cooke Class Teacher
Miss I Davies Class Teacher
Mr N Machell Class Teacher
Mrs N Ratcliffe HLTA
Mrs C Schollar Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Taylor HLTA

Year 5 Team

Mr R Bunning Class Teacher
Mrs R Gawen Class Teacher
Mrs H Pitman Class Teacher Safeguarding Assistant
Miss L Sylvester
Mrs L Butt Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Chapman Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Clarke Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Medhurst Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Reddish Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Smith Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

Miss H Clark Class Teacher
Mr J Gillard Class Teacher
Mr T Hassall Class Teacher
Mrs K Andrews Intervention Teacher
Mrs J Yensen HLTA
Mrs C Bartlett Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Lodge Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teachers

Mrs T Thomson SEN Co-ordinator, Deputy CP Lead
Mrs J Robinson Emotional Literacy Assistant

Administration Team

Mrs N Broom School Administrator
Mrs J Ellis School Secretary and Attendance
Mr J Panter Clerical Assistant