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Learning to Lead

Computer Captains

We have a keen group of young adults here at St Andrew's who have a mission to support all pupils and staff with all thing computing. They are tech savvy individuals who respect the importance of Online Safety and perseverer to solve any technical glitches. Each class has their own Computer Captian, see if you can spot them at one of our Parent evenings or workshops.

ABAs Attending The Training Day At The King Alfred School

At the start of this term, Year 6 pupils were invited to apply for the 10 available positions of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs). After a positive response, pupils were chosen and attended a day of training at the King Alfred School with Mrs Robinson. The training was run by the Diana Award and our 10 eager Ambassadors took part in the activities with confidence and enthusiasm to understand how to identify the behaviours that can be classed as bullying.


At the end of the training day, we had the opportunity to plan a campaign to raise awareness of what we would like to achieve at St Andrew’s School. The Ambassadors chose to focus on respect this term and they introduced this to the whole school during an assembly, to bring their attention to what this means and how respect can be shown to each other.


The ABAs decided that a “Compliment Corner” could be added to each classroom and this soon evolved into “Compliment Clouds” which are now in use around the school. This encourages the children to write something pleasant about a peer on a sun and place it on a cloud for everyone to see (the clouds are rapidly disappearing behind the sunny compliments).


To get the whole school involved, during our Anti-Bullying Week in November, all year groups will be given the same homework; this will be to create a poster based on the theme of respect. A number of these posters will then be chosen and displayed around the school.


Also, pupils will be recognised each week, by their class teacher, for showing respect to each other or to adults by receiving a Respect Certificate.


Ryan was democratically elected as our Lead Ambassador by his fellow ABAs at the training and will be reporting the progress of our campaign to the staff at the Diana Award in November. ABAs will meet regularly throughout the year to plan further activities to ensure everyone at St Andrew’s school feels safe and valued.

Sports leaders 2018-2019

Sports Leaders


We are a group of 8 year 6 pupils who went through an application form process to receive our positions. There are two of us for each house and we help with the organisation and running of 'run a mile', looking after the PE equipment  and putting it away at the end of the day, helping with the younger year group sports festivals and helping Miss Sylvester with any sports jobs that need doing. We are also the sports captains for Sports day where we will hopefully lead our houses to victory.