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Year 3 Summer Term Spellings

Some suggestions for further reading for our topic on The Romans for the Summer Term (AR levels included)

Year 3 Google Classroom Update

Logins for this online learning platform can be found in the back of your child's green reading diary. Please see below for additional support for accessing Google Classroom at home.  



Here are some pictures from our World Down Syndrome Day celebration! 

The children had lots of fun making their own sock puppets as part of our Secrets of Success lesson. 



Secrets of Success Origami surprise message technique video

Still image for this video
This shows a birthday message but it can be adapted to say thank you or a message of gratitude with your own pictures!

Pokémon Power! 

Check out these awesome drawings that the Year 3's produced last week. Can you spot your Pokémon?

Belle's Pokémon!

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Google Classroom Tutorial

How to Upload a Photo to a Google Classroom Assignment in 2020

GoogleClassroom #GoogleAssignments #GoogleDriveHere is a one-stop shop for all of my Instructional Technology Videos:

Brilliant Bakers! 

Joshua in 3H has been busy baking at home this week. Those jam biscuits look delicious. They might even have Paddington swapping his marmalade sandwiches!

Big Garden Birdwatch

Ollie in 3H was hard at work at the weekend recording bird species and constructing a feeder and birdhouse with his brother!

Jaxson in 3H got stuck in (hopefully not the mud) to the Big Garden Bird watch challenge at the weekend too. Well done Jaxson!

Here are some of Year 3's DT Gyros projects!

Here's Eli from 3M's Gryos!

Here are some of 3LD enjoying the Gyros they made as part of their DT project. They all look delicious!

Here is Molly's Minotaur from 3H!

Here are some of the awesome geography research projects and presentations from Year 3! 

Here's another amazing piece of 3M Geography work from Koren!

Here's Marleigh's amazing artwork she did as part of her Geography research in 3M!

Isaac has been working hard on his geography project in 3LD!

Poppy has made a video to show off her Geography work in 3M!

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Poppy Geography Part 2

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Have a look at Aubree's awesome geography project in 3LD!

Holly in 3H has worked very hard researching countries in the northern and southern hemisphere as well as on the equator!

Learn about Spain and New Zealand with Lucinda in 3H!

Milly's marvellous presentations in 3H

Learn Mandarin with Milly!

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Learn about the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere and more with Thomas in 3H!

Google Classroom Support

Summer-Mai (3LD) was so inspired by her science lessons, last term, that she has been completing extra home learning about the human skeleton and the human body. 😊

During Science Week the children in Year 3 have been studying the formation of rocks. They have been exploring the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks by taking part in and observing experiments. These have included categorising different types of rocks, observing the formation of igneous rocks using chocolate and building their very own sedimentary sandwiches! Due to current Covid restrictions, no food was consumed during our science experiments. 

Here are some of our sedimentary sandwiches!

If you want to create your own sedimentary sandwich at home with an adult, here is the recipe we used. You can of course change the food items you use so that you can eat them and there is no food waste in the process!


Plate- river bed

White bread- sand

Biscoff spread- mud

Raisins- big rocks

Red jam- dead plants

Purple Jam- dead animals/creatures

Broken up crackers- clay

Brown bread- dust

Forming igneous rock using chocolate. You could even try this experiment at home with an adult. All you need is two sets of different chocolate that represent the different rocks that are turned into molten rock.

Identifying rocks

As part of Mental Health Week in the first term the children of Year 3 made fingerprint hot air balloons that carry their thoughts and ambitions. Here are some pictures from 3H. 

In 3LD we have been learning how to sketch lightly and how to mix water colours. 🎨 Mrs Denyer was super impressed with their attention to detail on their dinosaurs. 🦖🦕

Young Writers Challenge: Peculiar Pets poetry

Looking back at the first half-term of Year 3, here are some more pictures of our very own dinosaur excavation!

Here are some photos from the year 3 sparkling start for their topic Stones to bones. They were being paleontologists discovering dinosaur skeletons. They got messy and had lots of fun. They then worked out which dinosaur they had each uncovered. 🦖🦕

Year 3 Autumn Term information for parents and carers 

PE days

Year 3 Monday and Wednesday

Children are to come into to school in their PE kits on their PE days. They may require a plain dark sweatshirt/hoodie and some sport tracksuit bottoms or leggings that are plain or as close to plain as you can get, to keep them warm during the day. Please no slogan jumpers or leggings, as an element of still being smart, although they are in PE kit, in school. No wearing tights with PE kits (unless running tights). No jewellery. They will be outside as much as possible. Thank you. 

We are excited about the year ahead and getting to know your children. The aim of the next few weeks is to settle the children into the new routines and to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their new surroundings. We believe that if children are happy, they will be able to achieve their full potential. Please refer to this page for the latest news in Year 3. 

Year 3 Reading Challenge

Glossary for the programmes of study for English